A guestbook you can hang on the wall

Custom wedding guest book illustration. Watercolour.
Custom wedding guest book illustration. Watercolour.

A unique wedding guestbook

I recently attended the wedding of good friends of mine. They took enormous care to make sure every aspect of their wedding genuinely reflected their personalities and love for each other. It was absolutely beautiful and I am so grateful to them for the honesty, tears and laughter of that day.

They reached out to me in the year leading up to their big day about making a watercolour illustration for their guestbook.

The Pixar movie Up holds a special place in their hearts and they wanted to create something around that. Together, we came up with a home that had typical Toronto architecture (where they live) and similar to what they hope to own one day. We combined the house with a giant pile of colourful balloons for wedding guests to sign. Faces lit up, and everyone had fun selecting and signing a balloon.

Even their little dog, Leo, made an appearance on the front porch!

When we saw the painting on display at our wedding, we were ecstatic at the fine detailing and workmanship… We were so proud to have it displayed at our wedding knowing that it would be framed and placed in our home as a beautiful reminder of our wedding day. Thank you for creating something so beautiful and meaningful to us that we will cherish for a lifetime. – Mike & Jackie

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