Crafting Paintings that Celebrate Your Story

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Section of a painting showing two girls walking down the street together, with glowing late-day sunlight

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There is great healing, connection, and strength that comes through sharing our stories and the wisdom we have gained from our lived experiences. I write regularly about living thoughtfully, finding creative flow, and the human stories behind the artworks.

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I am a maker & storyteller who finds deep joy and connection in working with my hands. Learn more about me and what I am currently working on.

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Custom Painted Stories

I am in the process of renovating an 150-year old farmhouse, building out a cottage garden homestead, and growing colours on my colour farm, Vibrant Acres. As a result, I am not currently taking commissions for custom paintings. Many of my paintings are available as prints in my Etsy shop or in person at various fairs around Nova Scotia. Thank you for stopping by!