Crafting Paintings that Celebrate Your Story

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Section of a painting showing two girls walking down the street together, with glowing late-day sunlight

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There is great healing, connection, and strength that comes through sharing our stories and the wisdom we have gained from our lived experiences. I write regularly about living thoughtfully, finding creative flow, and the human stories behind the artworks.

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I am a maker & storyteller who finds deep joy and connection in working with my hands. Learn more about me and what I am currently working on.

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Custom Painted Stories

I craft custom paintings that capture remembered places and tell meaningful life stories. Share a place or experience that is special to you or a loved one. I will craft your memory into a custom painting that captures your story for years to come. Consider a family home, a favourite vacation spot, an old meeting place that inspires joy, or a building that is a part of your personal or family history.