Crafting Paintings that Celebrate Our Stories

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Section of a painting showing two girls walking down the street together, with glowing late-day sunlight

Feel accompanied

There is great healing, connection, and strength that comes by sharing the wisdom we have gained through our experiences. In addition to sharing new work as it is created, and the stories behind the paintings, I also share valuable learnings and tools so that you can feel inspired, motivated, and accompanied as you pursue your creative work – in whatever form it may take.

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Closeup of my hands and journal

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I am a painter & storyteller who finds deep joy and connection in living seasonally and working with my hands. I love getting out to explore and paint the coastal landscape, towns, and homes around where I live on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Learn more about my story and what painting projects I am currently working on.

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I love to create Painted Stories of the homes, gardens, and the natural landscape around me. These spaces are filled with rich experiences of light, sound, weather, and memories of moments shared and people loved. Experiencing them recreated in a painting not only captures a moment in time, it brings back a flood of associated feelings. Making art about these personal spaces and places is deeply fulfilling – both in the act of creating and in the feelings the finished art can bring back.