Tuning in to Your Guiding Energy

How you can feel accompanied and guided day-to-day

Your Guiding Energy is the essence of all that you aspire to be, how you intend to show up in your life, who you dream most to be, what you most wish to do. You can channel it anytime you need to. For comfort or for strength, it is available to you whenever you need. I talk more about how to come up with your own guiding energy, in my free PDF. Here, I want to talk more about how you can connect to them.

Call it what you like

There are many names for this concept: your ‘Highest Self’, ‘Energy Guide’, ‘Energy Spirit’, ‘Guiding Energy’. I’ve heard Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss describe it as her ‘taxi light’ and the Coaches Training Institute calls it ‘Your Captain’. Don’t let the name get in your way – call it whatever you are most comfortable with.

What worked for me

When I first began feeling my way through tuning in to my ‘Captain’, I struggled with many aspects of it. I found it too ‘woo’, I didn’t ‘hear’ any advice, I was embarrassed to try it, and I found the name cheesy.

Once I created a bio of an imagined woman who encapsulated all that I valued and wished to become, it felt more concrete and useful to me. It was then much easier for me to tune in quickly on the go. I would say that, for me, the quick check-in is the approach that I use the most.

Quick Check-In:

Simply feeling their energy for 30-seconds

In moments of self-doubt, I picture my Energy Guide. Her strong confident stance, expressive hair and clothing, kind eyes… and I try to channel some of her energy into my own life. Most of the time, I find that simply tuning in to her energy for a moment is all I need. Doing this can make me feel re-centred and focussed for my next task.

Deeper Connection:

Asking for their guidance

Anytime you want, you can go for a walk, meditate, or close your eyes and visualize a conversation with your energy spirit. To do this, first picture where you’d like to meet them – on a windswept beach, in a restaurant booth over sandwiches, having a cup of tea in a weathered garden… Think about what time of day or season of the year it is. I tend to let these things flow and simply go with whatever first comes to mind. Once you have these, picture them for a moment until you are really there – is it raining? Do you have an umbrella?

Next, picture them, what they look like, what they are wearing, how they carry themselves… how they greet you. I find even a minute of this can make me feel better.

If you wish, you can tell them what’s going on and ask for their advice. You will often get a reply, even if you’re not always sure what to do with the answer, yet.

Use the approach that works best for you

All of this takes a little practice, but you will get faster and better over time until you’re able to do it very quickly.

The most important thing is to try different things and feel out what works best for you. If you feel weird talking to them, just look at their picture and feel their energy. If it’s difficult to think of a new place each time, find one that works – you can even save a picture from a magazine or a Google search, if that’s more immediate for you. If you find you don’t ‘hear’ any answers or advice, don’t beat yourself up – try a different approach.

There are no wrong ways to benefit from these concepts.

In time, you’ll find what works best for you.

* * *

You can learn more about this idea and about finding your guiding energy, by downloading my free PDF ‘Banishing Your Inner Critics and Finding Your Guiding Energy’. It’s a beautiful document that I hope is both inspiring and helpful to you – and it includes a ready-made template for creating your Energy Guide bio.

Learn more about Sneaking Around Your Inner Critics on the blog.

If you’ve already worked through the guide, I’d love to hear about your progress over on Instagram or Facebook.

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