More than just the keys

Truly unique closing gifts

A custom watercolour house portrait makes a wonderful closing gift for a real estate agent searching for that unique one-of-a-kind gift. It virtually guarantees that you will always be remembered fondly and visitors will inevitably ask where the painting came from for years to come! What could be better than creating lasting memories (and a lasting impression)?

I can make the paintings to fit standard Ikea frames which you can stock up on. For extra impact, you could also add a sticker or card affixed to the back with your details.

A house seen on a rainy day, California. Watercolour.
A house seen on a rainy day, California. Watercolour.

A custom watercolour painting would make a wonderful gift for a client who has just bought, or sold, their property – whether it be a condo, cottage, or house. For a new homeowner, it makes a joyful welcome. For a client who has sold a family property, it captures the memories of a time in their life for years to come.

Love this idea and want to do it for several clients? I’m more than happy to help arrange an easy-to-manage project flow for both of us. We can go over sharing photo references, creating the original artwork, shipping, framing, and adding the finishing touches, so you can gift the best. closing. gifts. ever!

Reach out by email to set up a one-on-one call to discuss ideas.