My creative room

Illustrated portraits of creative spaces

Michelle Darwin setting up the home studio
Setting up my home studio before a painting session

I just love seeing how artists and crafters set up their spaces. There are so many types of studio spaces and I love them all! For me, they are inspiring, happy places.

Some ideas: Dance studio, pottery or painting studio, drawing desk, photography or film set, actor’s theatre or stage, sewing room, knitting chair, instrument-maker or upholsterer’s workshop, inventor, etc.

Someone’s space is filled with the things that are important to them and that they find inspiring.

What could be better than gifting them a beautiful portrait of their creative space as it is (or was) at a particular time in their life?

This can also be great for an aspiring artist in your life! Help them visualize the creative space they don’t have yet, but are working towards.

To learn more about getting a custom painting, download my Getting Started guide.

Illustration of my old studio space. Digital illustration.
An illustration of my home studio in Toronto