A shortcut through the park

Portrait of Trinity Bellwoods park, Toronto. Watercolour.

Daily rituals

I used to walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park often on my way to and from work, when I lived in Toronto. I remember fondly that time at the start and end of my day, to clear my head, feel the air, see people going to and fro.

So often these small daily rituals are what stick with us over the years.

More recently, I was walking through the park near my current home in Montreal (Parc La Fontaine) and was struck by the glittering building lights in the early night sky. I took a mental picture and painted this a few days later, at home. It brings back the feeling of being there each time I look at it.

If you, too, have a favourite sight that is a part of your daily ritual, why not collect it into a painting, so you can remember it always?