Colourful houses

House portrait, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal. Coloured pencil on paper.

Custom illustrated house portraits

I have been spending time in the studio coming up with a new style of illustrated house portraits. Working from a photo or photos, I hand-draw (or paint) the house directly face-on, flattening the space and playing up its unique architectural details. I don’t add any of the surroundings or background –  unless they are important. Instead, the house sits by itself on a white page. The resulting illustration is playful, colourful, and makes a charming portrait of the house or building.

In addition to houses, I’m happy to create a portrait of any building that has personal meaning: a library, a city landmark, church, shop, bakery, bookstore, etc.

I will be offering 5×7” postcard and 9×12” sizes. The house portraits can be done in pencil (colour or black & white) or watercolour/thin gouache. These are so much fun to make! I hope you will enjoy them.

If you’re interested in one for yourself or as a wonderful heartfelt gift for someone, email me at I look forward to drawing your house ♥