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Commemorating a loss from the past

memories_park-notebookI recently watched a documentary about legendary singer Mavis Staples. She toured with her father as part of The Staple Singers for nearly 50 years and they were very close. Before he died, they had been working on an album featuring Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples singing lead (instead of Mavis). Sadly, he died before it was completed and the recordings were tucked away for nearly 15 years.

Eventually, once she found a creative soulmate in Jeff Tweedy of the band Wilco, Mavis entrusted him to clean up and organize the tracks in a way that captured her father for her. It was truly beautiful and moving to watch her reaction while listening to the album (entitled Don’t Lose This).

It takes time to heal after a loss, but at some point, you may feel you want to reintroduce this past place into your life, to carry it with you and find comfort in it. I can help bring a past space to life for you, in a custom painting.

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