Mood and Colour

Capturing a Sense of Place

For as long as I can remember, the first three things I notice about anything have seemed to be: mood, colour, and light. I just love them. Whether in life, in a movie, or in a book, they have the power to draw you into an imagined world.

They can create magic.

Capturing them in an image has the power to vividly bring back the sensation of a moment or place.

I have been drawn to documenting fragments of light, colour, and weather… small moments and snippets of my days. So far, these paintings, drawings, and prints have been created from own memories as part of my personal art practice.

I made a series of small paintings after my mother died (including the first three in the gallery, below). They helped me to process the events of the previous weeks and begin to heal.

I shared them with my her best friend with whom I spent much time during those last days. She later told me how amazed she was that the paintings were able to bring back the feeling of that final week for her, too. I find it fascinating that something about them captures those last days.

It is so often, in my experience, the small things: a smell, a sound, a piece of light, the leaves of a tree in the wind… that make up the essence of a moment in time.

I would love to work together to document a particular moment or place that has personal meaning for you. Learn more about crafting custom paintings of memories or get in touch to share your story. I’d love to hear from you.


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