Lively drawings

Michelle Darwin, gesture drawing in the studio

Expressing the personality of a place through line

Gesture drawings are lively and usually done with an immediate drawing tool such as marker, pen or ink. My gesture drawings are usually either black and white or a single colour. I study the subject for a few minutes and then create a quick drawing done with lots of arm movement. The idea is to capture the gesture or movement of objects and spaces, including something of the feeling or essence of the subject, without getting into much detail.

Often, I will make several drawings in a row and then select the one where all elements – composition, line movement, value – gel the best.

The results are uniquely lively, and some of my favourite pieces are gesture drawings.

These drawings are a perfect option for those who want a custom artwork but at a lower price point. Drawings are made with archival materials and beautifully wrapped. Each is a fully custom one-of-a-kind artwork based on a photograph of a building or place. Think a favourite city, building, or town square.

Reach out if you’d like one for yourself or as a gift for someone special.