A tree in the wind

A moment for storytelling

Wind in the trees. Kallitype hand-printed photograph.

There is a place here in Montreal, called the Champ des Possibles which means ‘the field of possibilities’. It sits on a piece of old railway land that has been reclaimed by the community. The land is slowly being rehabilitated with grasses, flowers, plants and trees.

It happens to be near the printmaking studio I am part of, so I sit by the field often.

It is so alive, it hums.

As I walked through it one hot day this summer, grasshoppers shot out in front of my feet before each step: one hopping diagonally leftward, and another to the right.

The field is alive with countless bustling bees, butterflies, and sometimes the scurrying feet of a rabbit. The wind brushes gently across the wild grasses in beautifully textured waves, creating shh-sounds with the movement.

There is also a tall tree, and when the wind blows through it just right, the leaves show their undersides, like coins.

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