Has a life event or period of self-reflection stirred a poignant memory – a home, a room, a place that no longer exists? Are you looking to  recreate that memory and capture the atmosphere that you remember and cherish?

I can help you do this.

A few subject ideas to get started…

  • Selling a home or family member’s home
  • A place shared with a loved one
  • Venue, building, or shop that is closing or being torn down
  • A travel destination you didn’t get a good photo of
  • Meeting place shared with a longtime friend
  • A city or country you no longer live in
  • Childhood home or space within the home
  • Key place in your family’s history
  • Favourite city spot
  • Childhood family cottage

My hope is that you will look at your painting and feel a sense of peace and wholeness. Your memories are unique to you and tell the story of your place in this world. They should be cherished, shared and passed along.

How it works

  1. The first step is letting me into your story, how ever you are comfortable. You can tell your story during our one-on-one call, or write it down and send it to me. You can include pictures, snippets of memories, associated thoughts, moods – even weather. Thinking of these things helps you to reflect on a memory, place, or part of your history that is deeply important to you. It helps you – and me – to recreate the atmosphere of your story.
  2. I will organize your reference pictures, comments, and notes and research any missing pieces. I will make preliminary sketches and colour studies for you to review.
  3. We will discuss the preliminary work and determine the best direction for your finished piece.
  4. I will create an immersive, custom painting just for you. The original painting and a high resolution digital scan are yours to keep.

Gallery & Testimonials

The first time I saw the painting, I cried because part of my youth was captured in the artwork. I had a flood full of memories, it was as if I was rewinding time that had slipped away. Every time I look at it I can picture myself living and working there with my parents. I cherish it very much. Thank you. – Maria, Musca

You are creating both meaningful and cherished pieces of artwork that not only bring comfort and conjure up warm memories, but also an opportunity for one to grieve and hopefully mourn a personal loss… No question, you are making a difference. – Mary, three custom paintings of a family home