Are you looking to celebrate a family milestone or surprise a loved one with a unique, thoughtful and completely personalized gift?

I can help you create this.

A few subject ideas to get started…

  • New home
  • Selling a home or family member’s home
  • Graduation/moving out of residence
  • Wedding venue
  • Favourite city spot
  • Sports venue
  • Vacation place
  • Morning bus or subway stop
  • Meeting place shared with a longtime friend
  • Favourite room, chair, window or weather
  • Guestbook illustration
  • Family cottage or boat
  • New baby’s room
  • New business – storefront or desk space
  • Studio or craft space
  • A dream home – to visualize your goal each day!

My hope is that you will look at your painting and be excited and joyful about who you are and everything that is a part of your life at this moment. Time passes – it’s a wonderful feeling to notice and celebrate each phase.

How it works

  1. Share pictures of the home or special place, along with stories, feelings or favourite things.
  2. I will take your pictures and narrative and research any missing pieces. I’ll then create preliminary sketches and colour studies for you to review.
  3. Together, we’ll determine the best direction for your finished painting.
  4. I will create an immersive, custom painting that is a beautiful celebration of that place and story.
  5. Enjoy unveiling your painting to friends and family! Share in their surprise, laughter, tears, and love.
  6. Display your painting to evoke this effect again and again.

Gallery & Testimonials

When we saw the painting on display at our wedding, we were ecstatic at the fine detailing and workmanship… We were so proud to have it displayed at our wedding knowing that it would be framed and placed in our home as a beautiful reminder of our wedding day. Thank you for creating something so beautiful and meaningful to us that we will cherish for a lifetime. – Mike & Jackie, Up wedding guestbook

“From start to finish, it was great working with Michelle at Painted Stories. She provided insight in to her process as an artist and I really relied on her fantastic advice and guidance as to how best the design would come to life. My family and I were thrilled to gift Michelle’s beautiful artwork as a wedding gift.” – Julia, Royal Montreal Curling Club portrait